Healing Energy Course

Self-Healing Program | taught by Maria Zhuravleva

Course description

Healing Energy Course

Self-Healing program

Learn to use the healing energy of your hands to charge your body and transform the way that you feel.

In this course you will learn how to listen to your body and its messages and how to direct your energy to shift the frequency in your body.

The Course presents a set of most powerful healing energy exercises that you will be able to practice during and after the course. The exercises will help you to understand the emotional connections in your body and help you to balance your systems. 

You will learn to let go of old energies from the body and reconnect to the healed aspect of yourself.

Healing Energy Course will greatly increase your energy awareness and intuitive powers. You will become more connected with your body and receive healing guidance from it.

This course has a practical nature. You will practice meditation and healing energy techniques as well as various exercises to learn to heal your body and aura.

The course presents a diverse selection of videos, inspiring texts and exercises that can benefit your healing abilities and help you reconnect to your intuition.

What will you get from the course?

  • A selection of 27 videos with lessons, meditation and healing energy work
  • 10 downloadable PDF files with theory and practical exercises
  • 2 downloadable audio healing meditations
  • Effective exercises to develop your practical abilities
  • Inspiration and guidance from Maria

How will the course help you?

  • Learn practical techniques to use the healing energy of your hands
  • Connect to your body and listen to its messages
  • Discover your aura and transform it with your hands
  • Develop your intuitive abilities
  • Uplift your energy and balance your body

Benefits of this course:

  • Become aware of your healing powers
  • Learn practical techniques how to make your body feel better
  • Combine energy work and meditation
  • Learn more about yourself and your body

It is time to connect to your healing powers!

It is recommended to regularly practice the exercises from the course. The course will be available for you for 6 months so you can fully benefit from the program.

Please note that the information in the course is unique and cannot be sent to other parties.

The author of the course is Maria Zhuravleva


Maria Zhuravleva
Maria Zhuravleva
Maria wishes you to fulfil your goals and be happy!

Maria Zhuravleva is an author of Energy Creation Technique, a practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis and a Reiki Master.

She is inspired by the beauty of the Universe and by the healing power that we have in our hands. She teaches people how to connect to their own gifts and spread the positive effect of energy work.

In this course Maria shows how to fulfil your potential and discover your ability to create and heal with energy.

Enjoy the power of your hands!

With love,

Maria's Universe

Course Curriculum

Chapter IX: Healing Affirmations for the Body
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