Healing Energy Course

A comprehensive course which will teach you how to use your hands to create healing energy and reach balance on the physical, emotional and mental level.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Healing Energy Course

    • Video 1: Introduction to Healing Energy Course

    • Welcome to the Healing Energy Course

    • How to work with the Course?

  • 2

    Chapter I: The Connection of the Energy and the Body

    • Video 2: Talk "How does the Energy manifest in the Physical World?"

    • Video 3: Talk "The Connection of the Energy and the Body"

    • Self-Reflection Exercise: What Energies are present in your life now?

    • Meditation and Writing: What are you ready to heal?

  • 3

    Chapter II: The Emotions and the Body

    • Video 4: Talk "Emotional Causes for the Body Part 1"

    • Video 5: Talk "Emotional Causes for the Body Part 2"

    • Self-Reflection Exercise: Table for connecting symptoms and causes

    • Common Emotional Causes for Different Parts of the Body

  • 4

    Chapter III: Listening to your Body

    • Video 6: Talk "How to connect with your Body"?

    • Video 7: Meditation "Listening to your Body"

    • Writing Exercise: Listening to the Body's Messages

    • Video 8: Exercise "Scanning the Body with your Hand"

    • Download Exercise: Scanning the Body with your Hand

  • 5

    Chapter IV: Cleansing the Body with Energy

    • How do we cleanse the Energy of our Body?

    • Video 9: Meditation "Letting Go of Old Energy with Breathing"

    • Video 10: Energy Creation "Cleansing the Energy of an Organ"

    • Table: Cleansing the Energy of your Body

  • 6

    Chapter V: Healing the Body with Energy

    • Video 11: Talk "How to create Healing Energy?"

    • Video 13: Exercise "Healing the Body with Energy"

    • Exercise: Healing your Body with Energy

    • Video 14: Energy Creation "Channeling the Right Frequency for an Organ"

    • Most Powerful Remedy Frequencies

  • 7

    Chapter VI: Transforming the Aura with Energy

    • Why is it important to look after our Aura?

    • Video 15: Talk "The Importance of Our Aura"

    • Video 16: Meditation "Healing the Aura"

    • Video 17: Energy Creation "Healing the Aura with your Hands"

    • Table: Looking after your Aura

  • 8

    Chapter VII: Healing with the White Light

    • Video 18: Talk "The Healing Power of the White Light"

    • Download "White Light Healing Meditation"

    • Video 19: Energy Creation "Magic Spirals for Healing"

    • The Magic of the Energy Shapes

  • 9

    Chapter VIII: The Healing Power of Love

    • The Healing Energy of Love

    • Video 20: Talk "The Power of the Love Energy"

    • Video 21: Energy Creation "Charging the Body with Love"

    • Video 22: Exercise "Healing Love Caress"

  • 10

    Chapter IX: Healing Affirmations for the Body

    • Video 23: Talk "The Power of Positive Affirmations"

    • Healing Affirmations for the Body

  • 11

    Chapter X: Healing Drawing for the Body

    • Creating a Healing Drawing Intuitively

    • Video 24: Exercise "Healing Drawing for the Body"

  • 12

    Chapter XI: The Miraculous Energy of Gratitude

    • The Power of Gratitude

    • Video 25: "Connecting to the Energy of Gratitude"

    • Writing a Letter of Gratitude to your Body

  • 13

    Bonus: Healing your Past

    • The Benefits of Healing the Past

    • Video 26: Talk "Why is it important to heal the past?"

    • Download "Healing the Past Meditation"

  • 14

    Thank you for doing the course!

    • Video 27: Thank you message from Maria

    • Stay in touch and keep practicing!

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