Learn to create healing energy with your hands

Create high-frequency energy and use it for healing and well-being

In this course you will learn how to activate the energy in your hands and begin to create it. You will be able to access your own healing vibration and feel it inuitively. The exercises will help you to channel beautiful energy into your body and direct the high-frequency vibration into your life. You will be able to use your hands to cleanse your energy, release lower vibrations, help the space around you and get healthier. This course will inspire the healer in you and will increase your intuitive aiblities.

You will learn how to

  • Become aware of your energy and choose high vibrations

  • Hold healing positions with your hands

  • Move your hands to channel healing energy

  • Create healing energy and heal your body with it

Course Creator and Teacher

Maria Zhuravleva

Maria is a level 3 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner and a Reiki Master with 10 years experience. Through her extensive teaching, Maria created her own technique called Energy Creation which allows to easily access one's own healing gifts and using them to create high-vibrational reality. In her courses, Maria teaches how to believe your own healing gifts and trust your intuition, following the wisdom of your hands. Maria's courses are easy to follow, provide an in-depth exploration of your own healing abilities and an effective way to learn about energy through your hands. You will be able to give healing to yourself and other people. Enjoy and shine your healing power! You can do miracles. With love. Maria's Universe.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Energy Creation Beginners Course

    • Welcome Letter for the Student

    • Video 1: Welcome to Energy Creation Course

  • 2

    What is Energy Creation?

    • About Energy Creation

    • Video 2: What is Energy Creation?

    • Energy Creation Quotes

    • Structure of Energy Creation

    • Benefits of Energy Creation

    • When is it best to practice Energy Creation?

    • Graph: When is it best to practice Energy Creation

    • Exercise 1: What would you like to work on?

  • 3

    The World of Energy

    • Video 3: High Vibration and Low Vibration Energy

    • How the Energy of the Body works

    • Video 4: Observing Your Energy

    • Exercise 2: What helps me and what distracts me

    • Example of the Table for Exercise 2

    • Exercise 3: Energy Awareness Diary

  • 4

    Tools for Energy Creation

    • What do we use in Energy Creation?

    • Graph 1: The Healing Power of the Eyes

    • Graph 2: The Creative Energy of the Hands

    • Graph 3: The Loving Light of the Heart

    • Video 5: Magic Triangle Hand Meditation

    • Diagram of Tools for Energy Creation

    • Video 6: Tools for Energy Creation

  • 5

    Healing Energy Positions

    • About Healing Energy Positions

    • Video 6: Basic Healing Energy Position and Channeling Energy

    • Video 7: Cup Healing Energy Position

    • Video 8: Give Healing Energy Position

    • List of Healing Energy Positions

    • Exercise 4: Healing Energy Positions

  • 6

    Healing Energy Helpers

    • About Healing Energy Helpers

    • Video 10: Practicing Energy Helper: Love

    • Video 11: Practicing Energy Helper: Peace

    • Video 12: Practicing Energy Helper: Joy

    • Energy Helpers Graph

    • How to work with Energy Helpers

    • Exercise 5: Practicing Energy Helpers

  • 7

    Healing Energy Motions

    • About Healing Energy Motions

    • Video 14: Practicing Healing Energy Motion 1

    • Video 15: Practicing Healing Energy Motion 2

    • Video 16: Practicing Healing Energy Motion 3

    • List of Healing Energy Motions

    • Energy Creation Formulas

  • 8

    Looking after your energy

    • Graph: Looking after your energy

    • Video 17: Looking after your Energy

    • Graph: Cleansing your Hand

    • Video 18: Cleansing your Hand

  • 9

    Creating Energy with your Hands

    • Creating Energy with your hands

    • Video 19: Creating energy with your hands

    • Video 20: Creating an Energy Ball

    • Exercise 6: Creating Energy to Answer your Question

  • 10

    Final Chapter

    • Video 21: Let's keep practicing

    • Energy Creation in Everyday Life

    • Continuing to learn Energy Creation

    • Thank you for doing the course!