Healing Energy Course

Will teach you how to use your hands to create healing energy and reach balance on a physical, emotional and mental level.

This is the most complete healing program for those who wish to learn about various aspects of energy healing. The program includes looking into connection of the body systems and different kind of emotions which can influence the way that we feel. You will be taken on a journey to explore the energy inside of your body and heal it, both with your mind and your hands. Through extensive deep meditations and energy practices, you will be able to access the healer within you and understand what you body needs in order to feel better. You only need to follow your intuition and the energy in your hands. If you feel drawn to exploring your healing gifts, this course is for you.

Introduction to Healing Energy Course

What you learn in the course

What you'll learn

The course will feature lessons on:

  • Listening to your body

    What message does the body give to you?

  • Cleansing the Energy

    How to cleanse the body from old emotions?

  • Healing the body

    How to use your hands and mind to heal the body?

  • Programming your body for healing

    How to say the right words to the body to heal?

  • Transforming your Aura

    How to make your aura shiny and healthy?

Scan your body with your hands

Learn to feel the energy in your body and detect important areas for healing

Direct the energy and heal your body

Use your hands to channel light energy and restore the balance in the organs

Transform your aura with the power of the White Light

Heal your body with high frequency energy

How is the course structured?

Easy step-by-step guide

  • Videos with theory and examples

  • Guided meditations and Energy Healing exercises

  • Downloadable tables for study

  • Exercises for self-exploration

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Healing Energy Course

    • Video 1: Introduction to Healing Energy Course

    • Welcome to the Healing Energy Course

    • How to work with the Course?

  • 2

    Chapter I: The Connection of the Energy and the Body

    • Video 2: Talk "How does the Energy manifest in the Physical World?"

    • Video 3: Talk "The Connection of the Energy and the Body"

    • Self-Reflection Exercise: What Energies are present in your life now?

    • Meditation and Writing: What are you ready to heal?

  • 3

    Chapter II: The Emotions and the Body

    • Video 4: Talk "Emotional Causes for the Body Part 1"

    • Video 5: Talk "Emotional Causes for the Body Part 2"

    • Self-Reflection Exercise: Table for connecting symptoms and causes

    • Common Emotional Causes for Different Parts of the Body

  • 4

    Chapter III: Listening to your Body

    • Video 6: Talk "How to connect with your Body"?

    • Video 7: Meditation "Listening to your Body"

    • Writing Exercise: Listening to the Body's Messages

    • Video 8: Exercise "Scanning the Body with your Hand"

    • Download Exercise: Scanning the Body with your Hand

  • 5

    Chapter IV: Cleansing the Body with Energy

    • How do we cleanse the Energy of our Body?

    • Video 9: Meditation "Letting Go of Old Energy with Breathing"

    • Video 10: Energy Creation "Cleansing the Energy of an Organ"

    • Table: Cleansing the Energy of your Body

  • 6

    Chapter V: Healing the Body with Energy

    • Video 11: Talk "How to create Healing Energy?"

    • Video 13: Exercise "Healing the Body with Energy"

    • Exercise: Healing your Body with Energy

    • Video 14: Energy Creation "Channeling the Right Frequency for an Organ"

    • Most Powerful Remedy Frequencies

  • 7

    Chapter VI: Transforming the Aura with Energy

    • Why is it important to look after our Aura?

    • Video 15: Talk "The Importance of Our Aura"

    • Video 16: Meditation "Healing the Aura"

    • Video 17: Energy Creation "Healing the Aura with your Hands"

    • Table: Looking after your Aura

  • 8

    Chapter VII: Healing with the White Light

    • Video 18: Talk "The Healing Power of the White Light"

    • Download "White Light Healing Meditation"

    • Video 19: Energy Creation "Magic Spirals for Healing"

    • The Magic of the Energy Shapes

  • 9

    Chapter VIII: The Healing Power of Love

    • The Healing Energy of Love

    • Video 20: Talk "The Power of the Love Energy"

    • Video 21: Energy Creation "Charging the Body with Love"

    • Video 22: Exercise "Healing Love Caress"

  • 10

    Chapter IX: Healing Affirmations for the Body

    • Video 23: Talk "The Power of Positive Affirmations"

    • Healing Affirmations for the Body

  • 11

    Chapter X: Healing Drawing for the Body

    • Creating a Healing Drawing Intuitively

    • Video 24: Exercise "Healing Drawing for the Body"

  • 12

    Chapter XI: The Miraculous Energy of Gratitude

    • The Power of Gratitude

    • Video 25: "Connecting to the Energy of Gratitude"

    • Writing a Letter of Gratitude to your Body

  • 13

    Bonus: Healing your Past

    • The Benefits of Healing the Past

    • Video 26: Talk "Why is it important to heal the past?"

    • Download "Healing the Past Meditation"

  • 14

    Thank you for doing the course!

    • Video 27: Thank you message from Maria

    • Stay in touch and keep practicing!

Course Creator and Teacher

About your teacher

Maria Zhuravleva

Maria is a level 3 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner and a Reiki Master with 10 years experience. Through her extensive teaching, Maria created her own technique called Energy Creation which allows to easily access one's own healing gifts and using them to create high-vibrational reality. In her courses, Maria teaches how to believe your own healing gifts and trust your intuition, following the wisdom of your hands. Maria's courses are easy to follow, provide an in-depth exploration of your own healing abilities and an effective way to learn about energy through your hands. You will be able to give healing to yourself and other people. Enjoy and shine your healing power! You can do miracles. With love. Maria's Universe.