A simple and profound guide to your healing energy

  • How to use your hands to heal?

    Learn effective ways to channel healing energy for well-being

  • How to access your intuition?

    Practice meditation and energy healing exercises with demonstration videos

  • How to communicate with your body and heal it?

    Learn profound techniques to be in touch with your body and understand the connection between emotions and symptoms.

  • How to feel the energy?

    Learn to differentiate between various types of energy and choose high vibrations for your well-being.

Why learn Energy Healing?

Every person is a powerful healer waiting to discover their abilities.

When we tune into the energy of our hands, we connect to our inner power and feel happy from within. We become able to bring positive changes into our life and lives of other people. Learning healing has multiple benefits for an individual and group consciousness as a whole. You connect to your life purpose and bring high vibrations to the world.

Learn valuable healing tools

Help yourself and other people

The courses will help you to get in touch with your healing abilities and effectively use them to achieve physical and emotional balance. You will be able to use your hands to channel high-frequency energy and release lower vibrations from the body. These effective profound techniques can be used at any time and can provide a powerful transformation for a person's life.
Healing hands


About your teacher

Maria Zhuravleva

Maria is a level 3 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner and a Reiki Master with 10 years experience. Through her extensive teaching, Maria created her own technique called Energy Creation which allows to easily access one's own healing gifts and using them to create high-vibrational reality. In her courses, Maria teaches how to believe your own healing gifts and trust your intuition, following the wisdom of your hands. Maria's courses are easy to follow, provide an in-depth exploration of your own healing abilities and an effective way to learn about energy through your hands. You will be able to give healing to yourself and other people. Enjoy and shine your healing power! You can do miracles. With love. Maria's Universe.


Energy Creation Course


Thank you everyone and Maria for a wonderful journey, an opportunity to learn and develop and gather new strengths and skills.

Healing Energy Course


Absolutely loved the Healing Energy Course. Learned valuable techniques to look after my body and my energy. Using them almost every day.